Motion Graphic Video

What is Motion graphics video ?

Do you have a stunning product? Then, it needs a stunning Motion Graphics video too!

A combination of live visuals, graphics and animations put together with a creative ideas. This is combined with typography, infographics, illustrations and other essential graphic elements. No matter is it a promo or product showcase, this style will never miss to create an impression in the viewers. If you are stuck with sales video, then this must be a best solution for you!

Benefits of motion graphics video

Cost and Time Effective

The unique designs, eye-catchy illustrations of graphic motions drives 20% more conversion compared to other content marketing methods. Unlike videos, graphic motions take less time and cost.

Easy to Share

More the audience come across your graphic motion video, more will be your chance of lead generation and conversion. And that is why the easily shareable nature is a win-win.

Effective Brand Solution

The best part about motion graphics is that you can make them look consistent with you brand identity and the elements of visual branding. It allows your audience to connect with you easily.

Suitable for Any Platform

No matter which platform you choose, you can customize the graphic motion video for a variety of purposes including marketing, advertising, and branding. You can easily propagate the campaigns without wasting much time and effort.

Improves SEO

With graphic motions in your business and e-commerce platforms, the dwell time on your page will increase significantly. In addition to dwell time, the content quality and user experience enhances earning extra points in favour of your rank on SERP.

How much time does it require to create a motion graphics video ?

Our standard production timeline needs 2 weeks, and however long it takes to incorporate your feedback and corrections into the part and off course the script matters.

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Are you looking for a motion graphics video?

we can help you creating a customized one for you.

Are you looking for a motion graphics video?

we can help you creating a customized one for you.